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Mail Delivered Sales Service

We now have a mail delivery service, just take a look at the produce below then call us to place an order. The fresh produce will be delivered to your door, its just that simple. This service is great for those “out of reach” of a Brads Produce retailer, or those who are just too busy to make it to the shops.

Below is a list of products that we will send by mail, please call us for all costs involved (including delivery) – our number is at the bottom of the screen.

PLEASE NOTE – this website is currently undergoing redesign so if you can read this that means the list below is not complete.

Zucchini flower females (zucchini attached)

BOX: 10 pieces – BOX: 30 pieces – BOX: 40 pieces.

Zucchini flower females

Prepack: 6 pieces (sold at fruit shops).

Zucchini flower males (stem attached)

BOX: 10 piecesĀ – BOX: 30 pieces.

Baby zucchinis

(150gm, 300gm, 500gm).

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