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Our Produce

Grown By Brads Produce

Brads Produce is an Australian owned and run family company providing quality fresh produce to both the local and global markets. On this page you will find a full list of products available from us, remember we now offer a mail delivery service. For more information on that please see our Mail Delivery Page. Our growing season runs from October to May.

Baby Zucchini’s


500g,  300g,  150g
All are packed into punnets and carton box number of quantity ordered.
Season from Oct to May

Zucchini Flowers

This information has yet to be filled.
Season from Oct to May



All our varieties have a exceptional flavour, colour and texture too.
Beams Yellow Pear,  Green Grape,  Black Russian,  Tigerella
Green Zebra,  Hungarian Heart,  Black Krim,  Big Rainbow,  Valentine
300g,  3kg Mix tomatoes
The 300g are packed into punnets and carton tray or box.
Our 3kg are placed into a carton tray with a soft layer at the bottom of tray to protect the tomatoes from bruising.
In season Jan to May



We have two varieties and are just delicious.
Heritage and Sandford
The delicious raspberries are packed into punnets and put into a carton tray,  9 punnets per tray.
In season  Dec to May

Our Quality

  • 1 Hand Picked Brads zucchini flowers are delicately hand-picked daily and placed in trays with gentle care.
  • 2 Always Fresh They are then taken to the packing facility where they are individually sorted, beautifully packaged and refrigerated. The flowers are available to you fresh the very next day.
  • 3 Sought After A passionate commitment to quality and consistency over the long term has made them the number one choice amongst leading chefs in Australia who have creatively blended Brads zucchini flowers into their existing menus with ease. These chefs have enjoyed recognition by innovating with the versatile flower impressing customers and critics alike.


Some Recipes