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Who we are


Brads Produce is an Australian family company providing quality fresh produce.

Brads Produce exclusively grows zucchini flowers.

Brad and his family have dedicated over 20 years in research and development and continue with the single-minded focus of perfecting classic zucchini flowers.

Ask your wholesale fruit and vegetable supplier for zucchini flowers or CLICK HERE to see a list of retailers in the Melbourne area . . . and just remember to ask for Brads!

Zucchini Flower

From the rolling hills of the beautiful Yarra Valley

Until recently the only place you were likely to see zucchini flowers would be in a restaurant, however now, thanks to the clever team at Brads Produce, the exquisite vegetable is available in good greengrocers across Melbourne.

“When we began growing zucchini flowers very few people even knew what they were, but now most good restaurants have them on their menu and they’re always featured in newspapers and magazines,” explains Brad Harvey, managing director of Brads Produce.

“Consequently people want to try cooking them at home, so we have developed a retail pack that protects the delicate product and ensures consumers are receiving the same quality that we supply to restaurants,” adds Brad.

The zucchini flower’s season runs from November until late May and Brads Produce retail packs are available at good greengrocers across Melbourne. Please view our stockists for more details.

Why Choose Us?

imgWhat gives a Brads zucchini flower its exquisite taste? Could it be uncovered in the pristine stillness of the Yarra Valley? Is it the perfectly balanced climate or is it the ancient red volcanic soil that makes Brads flowers the choice of Australia’s top restaurants?
imgBrads zucchini flowers are delicately hand-picked daily and placed in trays with gentle care. They are then taken to the packing facility where they are individually sorted, beautifully packaged and refrigerated. The flowers are available to you fresh the very next day, Brads Produce has developed techniques and technologies to extend its growing season from October to May.
imgA passionate commitment to quality and consistency over the long term has made them the number one choice amongst leading chefs in Australia who have creatively blended Brads zucchini flowers into their existing menus with ease. These chefs have enjoyed recognition by innovating with the versatile flower impressing customers and critics alike.
imgWe now have a mail delivery service, just take a look at the produce below then call us to place an order. The fresh produce will be delivered to your door, its just that simple. This service is great for those “out of reach” of a Brads Produce retailer. Just see out our Mail Order page for full details.